Kahls The & Kaffehandel

Problem // Health trends are dominating today's society. In every social media plattform, people are actively discussing new healthy supplements, detox cures and healthy juices. I believe that Kahl The & Kaffehandel should take this opportunity to develop a healthy tea-brand in to stay up to date with the current demand, and to possibly create interest among new target groups.

Solution // My solution for Kahls The & Kaffehandel is to launch a new tea-brand in the category “detox-tea” with the name “Insani Tea”. The tea would contain ginger, turmeric and other anti-inflammatory ingredients that are highly popular in the market today. The visual identity containing strong colors aims to create the sense of a young, modern and bold impression that attracts women aged 20-30. Not a tea that you would offer to your grandmother perhaps, but that rather is considered to be trendy to have at home and at the same time is fun to give away or to recommend when someone is feeling sick.

The company’s main slogan would be “It’s rearest tea experience”, that emphasizes the uniqueness of the tea-brand when it comes to ingredients and experience. The same message wound return in a secondary slogan “Not your sweet tea”.