Problem // Research shows that young people are feeling worse today and that high school is a start for a time with low self-esteem, high expectations, pressure from the outside world and a lot of stress. A feeling of powerlessness arises in many people when they feel that the school system is not on their side, a feeling that gets worse when they go out of high school and are struck by the difficulty of getting a job.

Student counseling and coaching are offered today at universities and at smaller consulting companies, but are not communicated to young people in an inviting way. Navigating through adversities, opportunities, expectations and alternatives that are perhaps too many, is not an easy match and among young people there is a great need for guidance and support.

Solution // My solution is to launch the service Guidy, which offers coaching and student counseling for everyone in the age 16-26. At Guidy you can book an appointment with a coach, who specializes in motivational conversations, personal development and a solution-focused thinking. You can also make an appointment with a student counselor who gives support in the choice of studies, helps to plan adult studies, sort out question marks about education, etc.