Coca Cola



Problem // Finding accommodation in Stockholm today is easier said than done, and the best way to find a place is to search through different facebook groups and “blocket-bostad”. Never before have newly graduated students been forced to live home with their parents to such an extent, and as a consequence of this more people will have to share accommodation.

Sharing has been a key message in Coca Cola’s campaigns for a long time. But with an increased focus and interest on the negative impacts of sugar among the consumers, you could speculate about how eager people will be to share a coke in the future. Health trends complicate the sale of soft drinks, which forces companies to be innovative and to renew their marketing strategies.

Solution // Inspired by Coca Cola’s previous slogan “Brings people together”, I created an outline for Shareable Sthlm - a new service for finding roommates and accommodation in Stockholm.

The app would be similar to Tinder, where you can swipe between different potential roommates and available accommodations. However, unlike Tinder, you would also be able to enter preferences (such as area and age) in order to control the options that appear. You would be able to click on profiles that seem interesting, and then get to see their biographies, interests, Instagram-accounts, common friends, other recommendations etc. In addition to the app and website, Coca-cola would also host events every week around in different places in Stockholm in order for people to meet face to face, in other words: speedroom dating.

This service aims to grasp the generosity that Coca Colas “Sharing”- brand identity is associated with. In today's health trendy societies, it becomes more and more important to create associations with Coca Colas brand that distance it from sugar. It is time for Coca Cola to start focusing more on what’s happening in their customer's environment, and to dare to meet their needs. Shareable Sthlm is the beginning of a new innovative strategy that helps them to continue to be relevant and competitive